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Headlines Attract and Entice Your Audience To Take Action

Headlines Attract and Entice Your Audience To Take Action

Attract and Entice Your Audience with HeadlinesA headline is the front door of your written communication. I seem to have a knack for writing headlines. Growing up, I never imagined I would be writing for a living. It never occurred to me. I dreamt of becoming an actor. When I moved on to a career in human resources, and when I transitioned into a career as a graphic designer, and even when I became a marketing consultant. I never could have predicted that writing would be something people paid me to do.

I’ve always considered myself a communicator. Writing is one form of communication. My preferred mode is speaking. Yet writing is and has been an important element in my life. I wrote and illustrated my first book while in high school. My drive to print it myself lead to my groundbreaking entry into the “industrial arts” class. This is back in the days when girls took home economics and boys took shop classes. I was the first female student in the history of my school to challenge this model. More girls followed my lead. I was ahead of the women’s equal rights movement and the desktop printing revolution.

I found the mechanics of offset printing fascinating. Perhaps this is one of the drivers behind my career in graphic design and my focus on book production and promotion.

In each of my careers, written communication played a pivotal role. Many of my clients have said I have a unique ability to transform complex ideas into neat, understandable terms. I’ve written procedures manuals, employee handbooks, job descriptions, proposals, contracts, marketing copy, press releases, training materials, ad copy, engagement marketing content, book titles, value propositions, catch phrases, newsletters, flyers, blog posts, profiles, oh my, this is a long list for someone who didn’t start out as a writer!

My Theater Training Influences My Writing

I started out as a student of theater. From the time I put on my own plays in the backyard to studying acting in college, I loved the romance of theater. I was painfully shy as a child. By assuming a role, I became powerful and my own fears faded. It helped me put myself into the mindset of someone else, just what I need when writing marketing copy.

My theatrical training also gave me an appreciation for the importance of getting the attention of my audience. If nobody is listening, it doesn’t matter what I do or say. This same holds true for writing.

Honest communication makes a connection, whether spoken or written. People are curious. They want to see what happens next. A good headline pulls people into the conversation. A compelling headline attracts and intrigues the reader. It tantalizes. It makes a promise. A good headline is like an invitation to a party. Your goal in writing a good headline is to get people in the door.

Be real, get your reader to put herself in your shoes. Appeal to her emotions. You don’t have to shout or manipulate. Be honest.

Resources to Help You Write Better Headlines

I have two excellent resources to help you write better headlines. I’ve been using the first for two years and it has helped me improve my headlines. I am getting email open rates between 30-55%!

Headline Analyzer

Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer is a free, online tool developed to measure the emotional marketing value of a headline. Input your headline, select a category, hit enter and in a few seconds, you have the results. Go here to use it.

Fresh Title

Want to create headlines that convert? Fresh Title is an inexpensive software application  shows you examples that are proven to work. It includes swipe files to get you started. You can see real-time headlines that are trending on Google. You can store headline ideas for future use too. http://freshtitle.com/

Call to Action

This is your money shot. After you get their attention, what do you want your audience to do next? Creating a message that moves them to take immediate action is the very definition of a call to action. Guide them with clear, easy to follow instructions and ask them to perform one specific task.

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