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Give Thanks Every Day

Give ThanksGive Thanks Every Day


I am grateful for my hair. A year ago, I had stubble, about ⅛ inch long. I was happy for that. I finished chemotherapy in July 2014 and I had no hair at all! I began noticing that something was amiss around Thanksgiving 2013. I barely ate anything at that Thanksgiving.

I wound up in the emergency room right after Christmas where the ER doctor told me I had cancer. Not exactly the way I planned to spend my holidays.

Good News and Bad News

I was in for a big learning spurt over the next year.


  • I was diagnosed with cancer
  • I found out I have the BRCA-2 genetic mutation
  • I lost my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows
  • I have some residual chemo-induced neuropathy in my hands and feet


  • I had a treatable form of cancer
  • I belong to a genetic group that responds well to treatment
  • I was otherwise very healthy
  • I didn’t have many side effects during treatment
  • I had great resources to help me heal
  • I am a survivor
  • I pay attention to my health
  • I am more forgiving of myself and others
  • I don’t waste time with negative people

Thanksgiving 2015

  • My hair is back
  • My energy is up
  • My neuropathy is reversing
  • I am feeling good
  • I have solid friendships
  • I feel confident about making my dreams come true
  • I am starting a daily practice of recognizing what I am grateful for

I wish you a wonderful day of thanks and gratitude.