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Queen Bee Catherine Sevenau

Queen Bee Catherine Sevenau

Queen Bee Catherine Tells Us Why She Writes

Catherine Sevenau mused, why write? She created quite a buzz with the launch of her book, Queen Bee. Once again, she filled the space at Reader’s Books in Sonoma with friends, family, fellow writers, and excitement.

I captured the Queen as she filled us in on why she writes:

Catherine read excerpts from the second installment in her memoir. She began with “Why Write” and set the tone for many great stories.

She choose tales that brought laughter to the crowd. Grandchildren, Satchel and Temple, shared the stage with Queen Bee Catherine. They also share winning smiles, dimples, a command of the room. I appreciate they each have a wry sense of humor too.

Well done.

Queen Bee’s Creative Hive

Catherine belongs to several creative groups, including BAIPA, the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association. She and I often carpool to the meetings in Novato, where we learn about changes in the industry and best practices for publishing and marketing books. I was fortunate to work with Catherine on marketing for her first book, Behind These Doors.  She is a talented woman.

Find out more about these books and Catherine at www.sevenau.com