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One Sentence That Will Help You Sell More Books

One Sentence That Will Help You Sell More BooksOne Sentence that explains why someone must buy your book

Answering one question will help you sell more books

“People should read my book because_____________________________.”

In one sentence, tell people what they will get out of reading your book.

Keep it simple. Make your declaration so easy to understand, a five-year old would get it.

This one sentence must say why people would be willing invest their time and money in your book.

  • Will it help them to do something?
  • Will it scare them?
  • Will it melt their hearts?
  • Will it change their lives?
  • Will they gain an understanding?
  • Will they get relief?
  • Will they have the answers to their questions about a specific problem?
  • Will it entertain them?
  • Will it help them live a better life?

This is the most powerful statement you can make about your book. Once you have your sentence, try it out and see how people respond. You may need to make a few adjustments. Keep testing and trying it out until you get the response you are looking for:

“I must buy your book.”

Thanks to Tim Grahl and his post about what make successful book launch. It inspired me to write this post.

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