The Fortune is in Your Follow-up

The Fortune Is In Your Follow-Up

Making your networking work for you to build your business and your brand

The Fortune is in Your Follow-up

Is your networking failing to produce the results you desire? Is your desk buried in business cards you meant to put into your database, but didn’t? Are there thank you notes that you meant to write and mail out sitting blank? Were you intending to make a call, send out information, or set an appointment? Are your social media profiles stale, confusing or missing in action? Feeling guilty, overwhelmed, confused, or anxious?

Baker shows how to turn those business cards into contacts, connections and clients

  • How to consistently attract qualified clients
  • Build sustainable marketing systems that grow your business
  • Stay-in-touch strategies that will keep you connected. help you sell your books and get speaking gigs

Baker uses engaging stories to build brands. In 2012, Baker transformed her own brand, Completely Creative, into brandvines. President of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association since 2011, and on the Board of the Bay Area Consultants Group, Baker brings leadership, graphic design, public speaking and collaboration skills to these groups and to her clients. She specializes in working with authors, speakers and health care providers.

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Join Baker at the Redwood Writers Meeting, 2:30-5 PM,March 10, 2013 at the Flamingo Conference Resort & Spa, 2777 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Phone: (707) 545-8530

$5 from members and $8 from non-members to cover costs.

Judy Baker Administrator
Chief Inspiration and Marketing Officer at brandvines
Judy Baker is a book marketing mentor positioning independent authors for success.
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